Hydro-Lok - Hydrogen Leak Detection System for Underground Lines
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Hydro-Lok Hydrogen Leak Detector for finding leaks in underground lines.

Hydro-Lok System (Can be purchased as a full system or parts as needed:

1.Hydrogen Sensor- Can detect down to the single digit ppm's of 5/95 tracer gas
2.High Pressure Hydrogen Regulator- With Proper hydrogen fitting
3.50 ft. Connection Line with Quick Connect Fittings
4.Portable Collector with 6" Bulb to Trap Hydrogen Escaping the Ground
5.Cylinder of 5%H2/95N2 Gas- 40 cu.ft

-5% Hydrogen/95% Nitrogen is a non-combustible gas (Green Label)

- Non-Toxic totally enviromentally friendly tracer gas

- 5% Hydrogen/95% Nitrogen (5/95 Gas) is inexpensive

- Leak area can be defined within a 3 foot circular area

- TLD.500 Hydrogen Leak Detector is less than $1000

- No cross sensitivity issues to other gases- no false signals

- Sensitivity from 25 ppm TLD.500 model

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Gas Storage Tank- Add an optional 40 cu. ft.  storage tank filled with the 5% hydrogen/ 95% nitrogen tracer gas. Other option is to find a local gas supplier that can provide the storage tank to buy or rent. This stoage tank is smaller than the standard size cylinder. Can be re-filled by our supplier.

Gas Regulator- Standard regulator has a maximum pressure of 250 psi. Lower gas pressure regulator limits the pressure to 50 psi. 

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Hydro-Lok - Hydrogen Leak Detection System for Underground Lines

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