Crystal 2D Rockers
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The 2D Rocker is excelent for a gentle mixing of samples solutions, and reagents. Its high quality motor ensures an ultra quiet operation while its space saving design is ideal for any laboratory.

Product Name NA-04A NS-05UA
Speed 18rpm 10 - 18rpm
Speed Control - 1rpm
Tilt Angle 10°  10°
Platform Dimension  285 x 235mm  285 x 235mm
Ambient Temperature  5 - 40°C  5 - 40°C
Time range  0 - 99h99m
Display Screen LED
Weight 2kg; 2kg
Dimensions 355 x 240 x 123mm 355 x 240 x 123mm

  • Item #: Crystal2DRock

Crystal 2D Rockers

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