Crystal 3D Mini Roller

The Mini Roller, using in liquid mixing, cell culture, hybridization, and more, can operate in a variety of environments including bench top and CO2 Incubators. Additional rollers can be added, all the way up to 11 total. The different spacing of the rollers allows for the user to use a variety of different sized tubes and bottles.

Roller Bars: 6 pieces Standard (Optional 11)

Roller Speed: 0.5 - 80rpm

Roller Dimensions: 28mm x 259mm

Swing Motion of Roller Bars: 18mm

Available Tubes or Bottles: Max 120mm Bottles and Tubes

Outside Dimensions: 378 x 360 x 62mm

Digital Display: Roller Speed Display

Timing Range: 0 - 999 Minutes or Continuous Operation

Max Load: 6.5Kg (with container)

Weight: 6.5Kg

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Crystal 3D Mini Roller

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