Crystal Digital Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer

The Digital Hotplate Magentic Stirrer is ideal for bacteriological cultures and mixing reagents. Its hot plate is manufactured with high grade aluminum allow with an anodized surface to be resistant to corrosions. In 8 minutes, the plates temperature can reach an ambient 300℃. The aluminium body and brushless motor provides maintenance free operation. 

Stirring Speed: 80 - 1500rpm

Speed Resolution: 10rpm

Display: LCD

Plate Temperature: Ambient 5 - 300℃. 

Shut off Temperature: 350℃

Stirring Position: 1

Max Capacity (Water): 10000ml

Stir Bar in Standard Package: 12 x 50mm

Platform Size: 175 x 175mm

Outside Dimensions: 355 x 240 x 121mm

Weight: 4.5kg

  • Item #: CryDigHot

Crystal Digital Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer

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