Crystal Incubator Shakers

The Bench Top Incubator Shaker is designed with a small footprint for use in many applications. It is designed with a sliding platform to facilitate easy sample handling and a glass door to provide clear visibility.

Speed Range: 0rpm, 30 - 300rpm

Orbital Diameter: 26mm

Maximum Capacity: 50ml x 24 / 100ml x 12 / 250ml x 8 / 500m x 6 / 1000ml x 3

Flask Clamps in Standard Package: 1000ml x 12

Number of Platforms: 1

Display: LED

Outer Dimensions: 440 x 545 x 550mm

Capacity: 392 x 330 x 365mm

Weight: 50Kg

  • Item #: CryIncuShak

Crystal Incubator Shakers

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