Crystal Motorless Magnetic Stirrer
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The MS1 series of Magnetic Stirrers use a rotating magnetic field generated by wear-free driver with no moving parts. This allows for a reliable, durable, and maintenance-free operation. Each stirrer has a wide range of speed and strengths to meet the demands of stirring solutions with different volumes and viscosities.

Stirring Speed: 80 - 2000rpm

Speed Resolution: 10rpm

Display Screen: MS-01U - LED / MS-01TU - LCD

Number of Stirring Positions: 1 

Included Accessory: 12mm x 30mm Stirrer Bar

Maximum Capacity: 2000ml

Dimensions: 160 x 200 x 48mm

Platform Dimensions: 140 x 140mm

Weight: 1Kg

  • Item #: CryMotoMag

Crystal Motorless Magnetic Stirrer

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