Crystal Orbital Shakers

The Orbital Shaker can be used for operations such as culture microbes, washing blots, and general mixing. The shaker is designed and built for heavy workload and providing continuous shaking with no vibration or heat output. 

Rotation Method: Circular Orbit, 26mm dia

Speed: 30 - 300rpm

Timer Range: 0 - 99 hours ("0" refereing to continuous use)

Platform Dimensions: 400 x 400mm

Capacity: 1000ml Flasks x6 or 2000ml Flasks x 4

Ambient Temperature: 5 - 40

Max Workload: 10Kg

Dimensions: 432 x 535 x 190mm

Weight: 38Kg

  • Item #: CryOrbShak

Crystal Orbital Shakers

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