Crystal Quad Digital Dry Bath

Digital Dry Baths are microprocessor controlled with an automatic PID temperature control program, providing accurate and uniform temperature distribution across the thermal block. These Multi-block dry baths are used in various applications such as enzyme reactions, inactivation of sera, Rh studies, and cholesterol determination. The unit is controlled by a microcomputer for stable and accurate readings.

Temperature Range: Ambient 5 - 120℃

Max Temperature Difference: AT 40℃: 0.3℃

Heating up Time: Ambient Temp 20℃ to 120℃: < 25min

Temperature Uniformity: At 40℃: ≤±0.3℃

Temperature Accuracy: 0.1℃

Display: LCD

Timer: 99h 59min

Ambient Temperature: 5 - 40℃

Relative Humidity: <85%

Number of Blocks: 4

Outer Dimensions: 320 x 220 x 111mm

Weight: 4.5kg

  • Item #: CryQuadDig

Crystal Quad Digital Dry Bath

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